Budget-Friendly Gifts For Dads & Grandads

I know this is a little late for Father’s Day but life has been crazy busy lately, so I apologise. However, this is still a great resource with Christmas just around the corner, and possibly birthdays, and also in preparation for next Father’s Day.

Grandparents seem to enjoy handmade, personalised gifts from the their grandchildren. I not talking about the paintings they do at kindergarten, or the bizarre macaroni sculptures, or the pet rocks (although I’m 35 years old and my aunt still has a pet rock I made for her around 30 years ago), I’m talking about something they will actually, genuinely enjoy and find useful.

My daughter (nearly 4 years old) refers to the garage at my parent’s house as “Pa’s Shred.” For whatever reason she has always pronounced shed as “shred”. I just needed to explain that so that the next photo makes sense. Below is a picture of the gift we made my Dad for Father’s Day just gone. One of my daughter’s favourite things to do with her Pa is to spend time together in the garage where she “uses” tools to “fix” her bikes.

My Dad proudly displaying the gift my daughter gave him for Father's Day
My Dad proudly displaying the gift my daughter gave him for Father’s Day

So to make this gift for my Dad, my daughter and I visited Op Shops in search of the perfect piece of wood to make a sign. I originally had a wooden chopping board in mind, but the volunteers at the Op Shops told me that they were hard to come by. Eventually I came across this beautiful photo frame, which was ultimately perfect because I didn’t have to attach anything for it to be hung, it was already ready to be hung. I painted, using gold acrylic paint, directly onto the back board of the frame. Once the paint was dry (it needed 2 coats), I took a Sharpie and drew the outline of the words. A friend had donated a heap of old CDs in the hopes that I could make something creative with them, so just using an old pair of scissors I cut the CDs up into small pieces NB: here you have to exercise some caution, pieces can fly off and potentially hit you in the face/eyes, and cutting the CDs can create sharp edges that are potentially dangerous. Just using Mod Podge, I pasted these small pieces to fit into the outlines of the letters to create a mosaic effect. Once all that was done and dried, I gave my daughter some coloured Sharpies so she could put her own stamp on the work. She drew some tools on the sign.

My Dad loved the gift and proudly mounted it in his garage. My husband even commented about the thought and effort that went into this gift (he was a little jealous lol). Gifts with impact don’t have to cost the Earth 🙂