Being Healthy On A Budget

 Dear Readers, as you should know by now, I like to cut corners where I can. But there seems to be certain things that one cannot afford to skimp on, and our health care is one of them. I was never sick as a child, but then again, neither were my parents… all that changes in my family when you get into adulthood; then it’s another year, another chronic illness, umpteen more medication prescriptions… and medication is EXPENSIVE!

In the last two years I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and moved to become insulin dependent. I’m on quite a number of medications and insulin, and along with insulin is the cost of needles and blood test strips. Without being on a health care card these items add up very quickly and take a considerable chunk out of my fortnightly budget that could go on healthy foods, bills, or even a gym membership!

At 35 I was beginning to feel like I was dying; in fact my husband would often comment that I looked or acted as if I was dying. My hopes and dreams of seeing my toddler into adulthood and hopefully parenthood, were slipping away from me and seeming to become an impossible dream. I had to do something, and quickly. I had seen my parents go through angiograms, heart attacks, heart bypasses, amputations, strokes, loss of sight etc. This was surely to be my future if I did not act, and act fast!

But what could I do? I wasn’t taking all of my prescribed meds because I couldn’t afford them all, my gym membership had been revoked with a warning that in future I could not access their direct debit method of payment and that all fees would need to be paid up front, and for all the healthy eating recipes I pinned on Pinterest I just didn’t have grocery money most fortnights and so had to prioritise food and other essentials for my child first which meant hubby and I often lived off of toast or two minute noodles for tea… I just couldn’t be healthy that way. So, where to from here?

I threw it out to the Universe to show me the way… what is the answer, what do I need to do to help myself? These days I always trust in the Universe, because ultimately, it always provides. I responded to a call on social media for interested individuals regarding a franchise for a product, that at the time I was unaware, would be my saviour.

When I learnt about this product I was very excited because it sounded like the answer to the call I had put out to the Universe, but of course I proceeded with the right amount of scepticism that is required when looking into these things. I decided to take on the franchise to help fund my products, and that was fast to become an added bonus as it has provided my family with an essential income. But the results! Oh my, the results! I have been able to reduce my diabetic medication (saving me some dollars!), and my insulin. I feel like I no longer suffer the effects of Fibromyalgia, which for me included: chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory deficits, wide spread chronic pain, just to name a few. I was also very excited to realise that I no longer suffer gastric reflux (that was a daily occurrence for me… I no longer need to purchase my reflux meds, again saving me money). Of course, I DO NOT suggest that anyone stop taking prescribed medication, especially without medical advice and supervision; I merely wanted to show how it is changing my life.

I now have more energy to keep up with my daughter and to get through a work day. My husband also started taking the product, and as a shift worker, the product has enabled him to be more awake/alert at work, and to be more mentally focused. My mother is also trialling the product in the hopes that it may assist with her leukaemia, and both Mum and hubby have noticed an improvement in bowel health.

With the income I’ve made from my franchise I have started to be able to afford suitable groceries and as a result my family is able to eat more healthily and we have all noticed an improvement in our energy levels and general overall wellbeing. I hope in the future that this will also be the key in assisting me to finally shift some unwanted weight, I’ll keep you updated!

In the end, we all need to ask ourselves what our health is worth to us. What does it mean to you if you aren’t there to walk your daughter down the aisle, or hold your first grandchild? What if all you are to your grandchildren is a photograph on a wall? That was not an acceptable outcome to me if I had the power to change that outcome. And you all know how I love to find frugal ways to live, corners to cut, and this has meant a better use of income along with an increased income and the promise of more, so it has been a mega win/win for me!

If I can start out on this journey and achieve results in such a short space of time (because it’s only been about a month so far!) then I’m confident anyone can achieve results with the same commitment. I love being able to inspire others with my journey and help them to embark on their own journeys. Health is your greatest wealth, and what I’m getting back from the product and business is such a blessing that I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to pay it forward. If nothing else, if I only change the life of one other person, it’s definitely all been worth it.