Stylish Hair On A Budget

How much does it cost you to have your hair cut in a salon? What about a colour? There will probably be hairdressers out there who will want to throttle me for this post, but the reality is, although high end salons do wonderful things with our hair, most low to middle income families and individuals cannot find nor justify spending the money that it costs. This shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out and sport those wisdom highlights or split ends, just read on and I may just have a low cost alternative for you.

The last few haircuts I’ve had have been at “walk in” salons, you know the ones, where you don’t need an appointment, you just walk in off the street and sit down and wait until one of the hairdressers is ready to take you on. This suits me well as I usually decide to change my hair on a whim and then want it done right there and then. The other perk is that they generally tend to be cheaper than an appointment salon.

Depending on which “walk in” salon I go to (in my hometown there are a couple to choose from), a complete re-style will cost me between $20-$25. I did some research online and found that within my state this is a relatively cheap and reasonable price for a woman’s haircut.

When it comes to colour, my experience is that the “walk in” salons are also cheaper than the appointment salons. Most women would need to come back around every six weeks to have their colour maintained, when it comes to myself however, it is much more frequent as my hair won’t seem to hold colour, not even blue/black! Permanent hair colour, for me, starts to disappear with the first wash, and in some instances can be completely gone after only three washes. I just can’t afford the salon that often unfortunately. However I have discovered a cost effective solution.

A little while back, while browsing in a local discount store, I discovered they had packets of hair dye for under $5.00. I thought it was cheap enough to give it a go without any expectations, if it didn’t work, oh well at least I didn’t spend a fortnight’s petrol budget on it, right. To my surprise and delight the colour managed to hold longer in my hair than any salon job to date! I’m aware this might not be the case for everyone as my hair seems to be in a minority of difficult, hard to colour hair (non-porous?). But for the low price of the hair dye it may be worth the risk to try it out. I’m not particularly fussy about the results these days, as long as it covers my emerging greys, frankly I’m too poor to be fussy lol.

So in summary, if you have the money, then definitely go and treat yourself to a salon appointment, however if you are getting around hiding your hair under a hat because paying the car rego has left you broke for the next month, then consider your other options. Another option worth mentioning is to ask around your friends, even if they aren’t qualified hairdressers, we usually all know one that has a knack for hair that should have gone off to hairdressing college, ask them to help you out so you make sure you get a good coverage if you are dyeing your hair at home (I’ve been known to miss whole sections at the back when doing my own). Grab some sparkling grape juice, a few bottles of nail polish and make a girly date of it.