Blue Moon Can Be Frugal Moon

Blue Moon over Blue Rock Lake August 31st 2012.
Blue Moon over Blue Rock Lake August 31st 2012.

A Blue Moon is either the second full moon in a calendar month or the third of four full moons in a season, depending on which definition you go by. Because a Blue Moon happens about every 2-3 years, this is where the saying “Once in a Blue Moon” comes from, implying not very often.

The Moon always seems to hold a special kind of magic for children. I have fond memories of the Moon, stories, wishes etc. from my childhood, and from the moment my daughter could speak she showed excitement and admiration for the moon that has never waned. I find this part of teaching my daughter the ways of our beliefs the easiest. Observing the Moon is a loved tradition of hers even at the age of three and half.

If your little ones love the Moon then why not get them involved in an inexpensive activity that can be done regardless of what religion you follow. It’s guaranteed to bring a giggle and some joy for very little expensive, and provide them with cherished childhood memories.

Blue Moon over Blue Rock Lake Aug 31st 2012.
Blue Moon over Blue Rock Lake Aug 31st 2012.

The above picture was taken during a Blue Moon Ritual I facilitated back in 2012. Using elements from that ritual would make a great activity for your Moon loving littlies. Firstly you need to choose your location, it needs to be somewhere where there is a body of water- this could be a wishing well or a bird bath in the backyard, or if there is one nearby- a lake, river, or the ocean. Take the family out after the Full Blue Moon has risen to your chosen destination (you ideally should be able to see the Moon from where you are e.g. not obscured by trees and such).

Blue Moon at Blue Rock 2012.
Blue Moon at Blue Rock 2012.

Give each person a silver coin and ask them to think about a wish they would like to have come true. Taking it in turns (and being very careful in the dark near water! Adult supervision is always required) say your wish aloud then toss the coin into the water.

Me tossing my coin into the water during Blue Moon Ritual in 2012.
Me tossing my coin into the water during Blue Moon Ritual in 2012.

This simple, yet fun activity can be done as part of a bigger celebration such as a picnic or BBQ. To add more magic and wonder for children why not add sparklers and glowsticks for them to have fun with in the dark.

The next Blue Moon is July 31st 2015… go and give the family an inexpensive treat of fun and wonder 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blue Moon Can Be Frugal Moon

  1. Even though I just started to follow your blog there is something about it I really like. Maybe it is the way you show the possibilities to celebrate even for those less fortune. To get together and share the joy without spending money. Or like your title says celebrate life which is important. Enough said I find your blog worthy a nomination to the Sisterhood of the World Award. Feel free to visit my blog to read more… Have a happy week!

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