Doesn’t Everybody Clean Their House At 2am?

My husband must have thought I’d gone off my rocker when he awoke to find me cleaning the kitchen at 2.45am this morning. Truth be told it was most likely a temporary side effect of the adjusted dosage of my fibromyalgia medication. However if has proven to be a blessing (at least for the moment, I do have a day of work at my day job to get through first) as I seemed to have gotten more housework done in these wee hours of Monday morning than I have in the last few weeks (due to a fibro flare).

But as always I can find a method in my seeming madness. Electricity is often charged at a lower rate during the night (this can depend on the plan you have with your power company), so running your energy sucking appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer at night can save you money. While it’s not for everyone to be flitting about the house at 2am, it’s still worth running certain appliances at night, just pop on the dishwasher or dryer before bed and it can be doing its thing whilst you are winding down for the evening.

Another bonus of cleaning the house in the middle of the night is that there is no child/ren to tornado through the house in your wake undoing all the good work you’ve just done. As I look around my tidy house right now, everything is currently remaining in its place… at least until the threenager gets up in a few hours.

My brain is naturally more productive from anytime after 8pm until somewhere around 3-4am… yup sucks to be me, as it doesn’t suit society in general for people to be most productive at night, especially when you have a day job and children. My brain literally throws ideas at me until I get up and do something about it. Tonight it was cleaning the house, then some writing. But I’m not complaining (ask me at 3pm when I’ve hit that brick wall), it is serenely quiet sitting here at my computer, typing away, and listening to the little frog that resides outside the dining room window croak away.

I even managed to get some polymer clay baked tonight in the oven while I was folding washing, so I will have to show you soon what I have been up to with the clay.

Ah! 4am approaches. Good Morning All! Welcome to Monday 🙂


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