Dead Frogging The Ice Cream 

I always try to work smarter rather than harder, so it makes perfect sense to me to defrost ice cream a little before trying to scoop it out of the tub. People have always though of me as a bit of an odd ball but recently I copped a few comments on and off line for a Facebook status I posted of a brief conversation between myself and my three year old daughter. The status went something like this:Me: “Hang on, I just need to get the ice cream out to defrost.”

Daughter: “Mum, why did you say dead frogs?”

Me: “Defrost, not dead frogs, lol.”

I posted this status as I thought the conversation was amusing and cute, but it had people questioning my sanity for defrosting ice cream. So, the next time my daughter wanted ice cream I decided not to “dead frog” it before hand, this resulted in me almost snapping the spoon in the frozen ice cream and breaking my (already weak) wrist in the process. You see, this is where there is a method in my madness. Leaving it out to defrost for even just a few minutes helps to soften the ice cream without melting it completely, so that it is easier to scoop out of the tub. See? It’s just a simple life hack, people! And you get that tip for free 😉

What life hack do you employ that others find odd? I’d love to hear them 🙂


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