Tis Better To Give Than To Receive…

So this Friday is my birthday… I’ve been trying to boycott my birthday since I was 13, don’t get me wrong, I love to have a party and get silly with friends, I just protest the whole having to become a year older. This year I have found a way to feel better about my birthday. As you may remember from previous blogs, May is full of birthdays in our family and so my husband and I don’t bother buying birthday gifts for each other, purely because we can’t really afford to. My parents have very little money these days and so I often tell them not to bother getting me anything. So for years now I have come to expect that I won’t receive anything for my birthday and I am happy with that, I don’t really need anything and I figure people’s money can be better spent.

I have always experienced far more joy in giving than receiving. There is no feeling like that of the anticipation of a loved one unwrapping a gift that you have especially chosen for them, and then the joy of seeing their eyes light up with happiness and gratitude as they behold the treasure inside. So this evening on a whim I decided to create birthday gifts from (you may have already guessed) Polymer Clay for the guests attending a little birthday get together at my place this Friday evening. I’m now really excited and cannot wait for Friday night to roll around so that I can give my guests a birthday gift and a heartfelt wish of love and happiness from me! I now feel a whole lot better about my birthday. I guess my gesture is similar in concept to the bonbonniere given to guests at a wedding, it is a symbol of my gratitude for such wonderful friends.

Below are some of the pendants that I will make into bracelets for some of the ladies attending on Friday night.

Polymer Clay discs to be made into bracelets.
Polymer Clay discs to be made into bracelets.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you… And I guess 35 isn’t old if you’re a tree lol.


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