For The Love Of Polymer Clay

So I am very new to Polymer Clay, like under a fortnight new to it, but I have taken to it like I was born for it. My Mother says I’ve missed my calling. I am absolutely enjoying it too, I tweeted earlier about how I was dancing around all excited in the kitchen waiting for the oven timer to go off so that I could pull out my creations. I felt like a kid again, actually it reminded me of being in early high school Ceramics class, eagerly awaiting the painfully slow process of kiln firing to be complete so that I could take home my wonky bowl to proudly present to my parents.

I guess I love this medium so much because it is so versatile, all you’ve got to do is Google it or check out Polymer Clay on Pinterest to see the endless possibilities of what you can be inspired to create. AND it is surprisingly easy! I purchased some Sculpey III from my local Spotlight store (and was delighted that not only is it relatively cheap, but there was a discount sale for members so I snagged it even cheaper), then I ordered some clay tools from eBay and impatiently checked my letterbox every day until they arrived. (Little tip here- I found the tools cheaper on eBay than they were in my local super saver store, and I found them within the country). Only once the tools arrived and I opened up the Sculpey did I discover that I really didn’t need the tools to create totally awesome stuff.

Depending on where you buy your clay from, they are usually just a few dollars each, and one pack goes a surprisingly long way. The only other thing I needed and was also able to pick up at Spotlight was the glaze. All of the items were relatively inexpensive especially when you consider how far they stretch. So folks, just imagine how many gifts you could make that won’t cost you the Earth! With my 3 packs of Sculpey III and a small bottle of Sculpey Satin Glaze I’ve already made two Goddess statues, three pendants, and my daughter made a snail and a keyring pendant, and I have only used half of my seemingly small stash of clay and it looks as if the glaze has only just been opened!

Below are some of my Polymer Clay creations:

The ring pull is to give you an idea of size.
The ring pull is to give you an idea of size.

It’s great to get the kids involved with it too. My three and half year old loved rolling “snakes” that I helped her make into gifts for her grandparents.

So in conclusion, I’ve found my new addiction. Until next time, stay crafty.



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