Midweek Musings- Warning! Do Not View Pinterest Before Bed!

My retreat and workplace... ok, ok it's my playroom :)
My retreat and workplace… ok, ok it’s my playroom 🙂

Hi and welcome to the first blog of Midweek Musings. I came home from work today and napped. I didn’t get much sleep last night, and the culprit was Pinterest. I’ve been a Pinterest addict for some time now and I’m not even sure how many boards I have, but it’s a lot… a real lot.

I dabbled with resin a couple of years back but hadn’t totally delved into it, but this week’s Pinterest obsession has been Polymer Clay and Resin. Oh the possibilities! The possibilities are endless. There is sssoooooo much you can do with these mediums. So after pinning a plethora of project ideas, I put the Ipad down next to my bed and tried to sleep. Pfft! My brain just wouldn’t shut the hell up, and I think I planned most of my special people’s gifts for the entire year. I gave in and picked the Ipad up again… who needs sleep anyway? Right?

So I have to get some supplies when I’m next  financial enough so that I can get the necessary bits and pieces for beginning work with Polymer Clay. Fortunately I still have resin supplies in the ‘Crafty Cave’. So I got to work tonight playing with Shrinky Dinks to create charms, and onto some pieces of resin jewellery.

Pre-shrunk shrinky dink pentagram

I made a pendant which I will post a pic of at a later date (don’t want the intended recipient to see it here first before receiving it- also I don’t know that I am happy with it just yet). And I thought I would also have a crack at making a resin ring, which I’m hoping will turn out ok. As you can see from the pic below, I over filled the mould with resin before I even finished adding all the other decorative bits, so it got a bit messy and will undoubtedly require a fair bit of filing. But I will perfect the technique through practice and hopefully have something spectacular to show you down the track.

Before adding heaps more coloured seed beads.
Before adding heaps more coloured seed beads.

What I really want to do is some type of furniture piece, such as a coffee table with a decorative resin top. I was planning on hitting the Op Shops this afternoon on a treasure hunt to see if I could find a suitable piece of furniture for upstyling but unfortunately I had car troubles 😦 Never mind though, that is why there is always a tomorrow 🙂


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