Welcome :)

Welcome! I’m Marti Brown- The Frugal Brown Witch. I know what it’s like to live on a very tight budget, and also to not want to compromise your lifestyle because of budget restrictions. Over the years I have collected, established, created, and re-jigged ideas to help survive without that depressing feeling of going without.

When we complain of not having enough, whether it be enough money, food, clothing, time etc. we send a message to the Universe that we are lacking, and whatever we send out to the Universe comes back to us threefold. Ergo you send out a vibe of lacking, then you will continue to lack. However, send out a sense of abundance and that is what you will receive in return, threefold! So how to achieve this sense of abundance when we barely have two coins to rub together….

It helps to have a creative side, which I do. Being creative can help you save a lot of money. My aim in this blog is to share some of my tips and tricks with you, to inspire you to use your creative side to live an abundant life even though money maybe scarce.  For example, I did my wedding on a budget of five thousand dollars, yet I feel we did not scrimp on a thing! It was beautiful, elegant, it even had a lavish feel, and we thought it was perfect… and it didn’t break the bank. In future blogs I will share with you some of these tips, as well as how to come up with perfect gifts for special occasions without spending the entire fortnight’s grocery budget and having to live on two minute noodles just to give your bestie the engagement present she deserves.

Until next time,

Be Inspired!

The Frugal Brown Witch


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